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Dark Souls III is the true successor to Dark Souls

Spoiler-free review
If you didn't enjoy the quality of Dark Souls II and are wondering about the enjoyment of Dark Souls III and the fact that it may be overhyped, worry no longer.

Dark Souls III is the true successor to Dark Souls.

The third entry in a game series renowned for its outstanding, unique storytelling and its sinister difficulty, FromSoftware has brought us again another game worthy of praise. Taking place in the land of Lothric, you will encounter grotesque beasts of the unknown, epic bosses, the most beautiful environments and a lore deeper than any ocean. If you are tired of hand-holding games where the game seems to shove tutorials in your face even to end-game than this is the game for you.

Dark Souls is NOT a HARD game.
One of the reasons that I hold Dark Souls in such high regard is not because of the difficulty but rather the fact that it doesn't treat the player as if they're a child. The game will punish you but know that it doesn't mean the end, rather every death you face is nothing more than a stepping stone to greater success, a hard-earned success is honestly the greatest feeling ever. You will learn new skills and eventually adapt, the game knows you aren't stupid and will treat you like you are; a human, something a lot of games these days are sorely missing.

Again, Dark Souls III feels more like a sequel to Dark Souls I than II ever did. Borrowing things from all their previous games you will see happy changes to the overall game. Fans of Demon Souls will be glad to know that the hub world shares an uncanny resemblance to the Nexus as well as the Maiden. Extremely well-designed bosses inspired from the creatures of Bloodborne and its engine as well as Dark Souls II's accessibility to the series.


  1.     CAMEOS! Returning characters will make appearances.
  2.     Extremely well optimized.
  3.     Keyboard and Mouse controls aren't that bad.
  4.     There is now no permanent health loss when dying.
  5.     An amazing soundtrack that will soothe your ears.
  6.     Extremely well-designed boss fights.
  7.     Full of fantastic locations to explore.
  8.     Great level design.
  9.     Rewarding difficulty.
  10.     Playing CO-OP with a particular player is very easy now.
  11.     Stances. Combat has been reworked for the better.
  12.     No more Soul Memory.
  13.     Interesting NPCs, to encounter and converse with.
  14.     PVP is better than it ever was.
  15.     Classes don't lock you into anything; you can make your build into anything you want, an e.g. magic user.
  16.     The World fits together nicely in a way that makes sense.
  17.     Open world, areas are massive.
  18.     Approachable systems, thick and very easy to learn and master.
  19.     Mage builds are rethought, they aren't as broken and overpowered like in Dark Souls II.
  20.     Matchmaking is a breeze.
  21.     This is NOT the final Souls game.
  22.     BACKSTABS ARE BACK! At the very least better executed than in Dark Souls II.
  23.     You can quickly switch between OFFLINE mode & ONLINE mode now.


  1.     Though rarely, at the moment there is a few framerate hiccups but other than that PC version is very well done.
  2.     Somewhat noticeable pop-ins.
  3.     The world isn't inter-connected like in Dark Souls I which may upset some.
  4.     CAMEOS! Though I've written it as a plus, some may dislike it as some may think of it as lazy where From could've very well created new and exciting characters.
  5.     Not necessarily a negative but having an unstable connection while online will bring you back to the main menu.

Is this game worth it?
Yes, very much so! Though I am biased, this is truly a fantastic game. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran, new or old, Dark Souls III takes the best part of all of From's previous games and makes it even better. It surpassed my expectations, even more, it destroyed what I should expect from a game. All upcoming games, Triple-A especially take note, and this is how you make a game. This is a true game.

Thank you kindly, Alex, for giving me the chance to play this incredible game.

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